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Nathan2000 Nathan2000 20 June 2017

To do list

Might as well make a list to remember.

What I intend to do:

  1. Write an article about khutu – the sources being Laufer, Ettinghausen and Lavers
  2. Write an article about fossil unicorn (unicornu fossile, found in Germany and Poland). The source is Conrad Gessner and Otto von Guericke
  3. Write about Spanish oricuerno (a.k.a. alicornio); see if it's really a unicorn and find sources I could reference
  4. Add Greek Physiologus, copied from Panaino.
  5. Add articles with regional information about unicorns, for example "Unicorns in America" or "Unicorns in Poland", containing references to sources but separate from the unicorn list. Somewhat like current African unicorn article.
  6. Add more pictures of the karkadann, perhaps more lore from Ettinghausen
  7. Finish transcribing Edwa…
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