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Fountain in the shape of Gatipedro. Plaza del Humor, La Coruña

Gatipedro (from gato – cat) is a legendary creature from Galicia. It looks like a white cat with a single black horn on its forehead. Gatipedro walks at night into houses where there are small children sleeping. It enters the children's bedroom and releases, little by little, water with its horn. The children listen in sleep to the constant sound of dripping, dream of water and in result wet their beds.

Gatipedro can be defeated in a simple way. When it walks, it leans to the front and needs to support itself with its tongue. Therefore, a provident parent will pour a line of salt on the doorstep and windows. Gatipedro abhors the taste of salt and when it touches it with its tongue, it will go away and leave the children at peace.