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Jordanus was a Catalan traveler.


Mirabilia DescriptaEdit

Latin originalEdit

In istâ Indiâ, sunt unicornes veri, magni ad modum equi, cornu habentes in fronte unum tantùm grossissimum et acutum, sed breve, totum solidum, etiam et (an sine?) medullâ. Istud ales, ut dicitur, est tantae ferocitatis, quòd interficit elephantem, nec potest capi, modo aliquo, nisi per puellam virginem. Omnia membra istius alitis sunt mirae virtutis, et medicinalia tota.

English translationEdit

In that India, there are real unicorns, about the size of a horse, having only one horn on the forehead, very big and sharp, but short, all solid, even in (or except?) in the core. This bird, as it is said, is of so much ferociousness, that it kills an elephant, and it cannot be captured by any way but by the means of a virgin girl. All the limbs of this bird are of wonderful virtue and it is all of medicinal use.

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