Thomas Blundeville (c. 1522 – c. 1606) was an English humanist writer and mathematician.


A plaine and full description of Petrus Plancius his vniuersall Map...Edit

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Of the Vnicorne.

The Vnicorne, as Lewes Vartiman testifieth, who saw two of them in the towne of Mecha, is of the height of a yoong horse or colt of 30. moneths old, which is two yeares and a halfe olde, hée hath the head of a Hart, and in his forehead he hath a sharpe pointed horne thrée cubites long, hée hath a long necke, and a mane hanging downe on the one side of his necke, his legges are slender, as the legges of a Goat, and his féete are clouen much like to the Goate, his hinder féete are hairy, and his haire in collour is like to a bay horse. This beast in countenance is cruell and wilde, and yet notwithstanding mixt with a certaine swéetnes or amiablenes. His horne is of a merueilous greate force and vertue against Venome and poyson. The Vnicorne is founde in Aethiopia, like as the Indian Asse is found in India, which hath likewise one onely horne in his forehead,

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